The Boston Marine Society
The Boston Marine Society, located in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard of Boston, Massachusetts. Serving the marine community since 1754, it is the oldest association of it's kind in the world.

Thomas LambSeafaring was a dangerous business; storms, pirates, uncharted seas and war took a heavy toll. Facing these common dangers engendered a kindred spirit and a sense of mortality among Boston captains.

On the 1st day of June 1742 a group of them formed "a loving and friendly Society called The Fellowship Club." Membership was limited to those who then or in the past had commanded vessels. At the time of entry each member paid one dollar into the "box" and was thereafter to pay monthly dues. In times of distress or death members and their families would be paid according to the nature of the misfortune and the ability of the "The Boxbox."

Twelve years later the Fellowship Club received a charter from the Royal Governor and according to the charter the purposes of the Society were to "make navigation more safe" and to relieve members and their families in poverty or other "adverse accidents in life." For its seal the Society selected "a Ship arriving at the Light House from a storm, and the Sun breaking out of the clouds with the inscription "Marine Society at Boston in New England AD 1754." In 1809 the Society changed its name officially to the Boston Marine Society.

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BMS Mural

The Boston Marine Society Mural (on display at the Society headquarters) is the work of Samuel Emrys Evans of Hanover, Massachusetts. Mr. Evans is a renowned artist and muralist and his works are prominently displayed in a number of banks and public buildings in various cities.

Although born in India of Missionary parents, Sam considers himself a South Shore man. Sam's artistic career has also included duty as a combat artist in the Coast Guard during World War II as well as teaching in the art field.

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