The Boston Marine Society

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1. 1976 — Boston Harbor as it appears from the Society's former quarters at 470 Atlantic Avenue.
2. Boston Pilot Boat — The Society has had a close association with the Boston Pilots since 1791.
3. The first United States Revenue Cutter Massachusetts 1790. The Society provided the specifications for this ship. Captain John Foster Williams, number 269, was the resident inspector and first Captain of the Massachusetts.
4. A 1798 chart of Cape Cod dedicated to the Boston Marine Society.
5. "The Box." The "bank" for funds collected to help the widows and orphans of the Society members.
6. Nantucket — The training ship of the Massachusetts Nautical School, 1909 - 1941. Many noted graduates of the Nautical School were members of the Society.
7. Boston Light — The Society petitioned for General Court to rebuild the Boston Light following its destruction in the Revolution.
8. The Boston Tea Party at Griffins Wharf 1773. Society members were Captains of two of the three ships involved.
9. A sea battle during the Revolutionary War. Members of the Society were active in the War at Sea. The particular scene shows the Admiral Duff exploding under gunfire from the largest Massachusetts Navy Ship Protector. The Captain and several of his ship's officers were members of the Society.
10. The Charter of the Society dated 2 February 1754, signed by the Royal Governor of Massachusetts.
11. The Seal of the Society.
12. The First Marine Hospital — The Society took an active lead in urging the establishment of the Hospital, on Castle Island, in 1799.
13. Donald McKay's East Boston Yard. A number of Donald McKay's famous ships were commanded by members of the Society.
14. The Great Republic. Donald McKay's largest clipper ship built in 1853.
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